The concept consists of the installation of smart and autonomous  fountains that ensure the continuous production of drinking water. This type of installation can meet the needs of a population of 10’000 people on the basis of a consumption of 20 liters per day per inhabitant.

The use of this smart water fountain requires the use of the “eCashWater” app, downloadable from App Store and Google Play. Payment for water is carried out in partnership with a mobile operator.

Consumers pay for drinking water via the partner mobile operator using the “eCashWater” app. After payment via the mobile operator, consumers receive a code on their mobile that allows them to draw from the fountain the amount of water purchased.

Each month “eWater for life” bills the mobile phone company for the amount of water used by smart fountains based on their contractual agreements.

Smart fountains are equipped with an integrated dedicated server that monitors the quantities of drinking water produced and sold.

Smart fountains remain the property of “eWater for life”.